Nick Ferris – Lead guitar, acoustic guitar, theramin

NF070314C_bio Nick’s pedigree as a musician is first class, he has played in a large number of bands through the years covering a wide range of musical styles. He originally discovered Led Zeppelin when he saw them for the first time at The Bath Blues Festival in 1969. Nick played with Geoff in a rock and roll band in the eighties called ‘Chevrolet’. When that band split in 1985 they went their separate ways until 1993 when they teamed up to form ‘No Quarter’, which in turn evolved into ‘Whole Lotta Led’. Nick also plays the theramin (that’s the thing which makes those weird noises).


Gibson EDS-1275 Twin Neck Guitar (2000)
Gibson Les Paul Standard ’58 Reissue (2001 model)
Gibson Les Paul Standard ’59 Reissue (2003 model) ex. Mick Ralphs (Bad Company)
Gibson Les Paul Standard ’59 Jimmy Page Signature model (2005)
Gibson SG Special (1968)
Fret King Super-matic (self-tuning guitar) (2013)
Taylor 510-CE-L9 Acoustic Guitar
Rainsong WS-1000 Acoustic Guitar

Lazy J – J40 Combo
Lazy J – J40 Extension Cab
Lazy J – J20 Combo

GigRig G2 Pedal Switching System

(all items below used by Nick Ferris of Whole Lotta Led)

Marshall JMP 1 Pre-Amp  – £200
Marshall 4 x 12 Cabs (2 off) – £150 each
Blackstar (Series One) 200 watt Amp with footswitch & flightcase
(very little use & great condition) – £400
Engl Thunder 50 watt Amp with flightcase – £300
Engl Thunder 50 watt Combo – £300
Engl 2 x 12 Speaker Cab – £375
GigRig (Pro 14) Pedal Board Switching System – £300

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