Whole Lotta Led are the longest running, full-time professional tribute to Led Zeppelin.

Since their formation in 1996 the band have continually led the field of Zep tributes and with over
1,500 shows to their name they have performed ‘Stairway To Heaven’ more times than any other band in the world – INCLUDING Led Zeppelin.

The founding musicians Geoff Hunt (bass) and Nick Ferris (lead guitar) are still full time members.
The current line-up, for the last 7 years, includes Charles Hart (drums) and Lee Pryor (vocals, acoustic guitar & harmonica). This format is augmented by the addition of a guest keyboard player with the resulting five-piece line-up recreating the sounds of Led Zeppelin’s original studio albums to an astonishing level of accuracy.

Whole Lotta Led have always avoided using wigs and costumes, they do not try to ‘be’ Led Zeppelin,
it has always been about celebrating the incredible music which Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham created during their illustrious

career. This has proven to be an exceptionally popular style with the band’s world class delivery and customary two and half hour shows receiving universal acclaim from Zeppelin fans the length and breadth of the UK.

All four members of Whole Lotta Led were ‘there at the time’ and lived through the euphoric times of Led Zeppelin’s 1970’s heyday and all have witnessed Led Zeppelin live on more than one occasion.

Whole Lotta Led pioneered the concept of performing a complete album live, when in 2001, they
toured the UK celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin’s classic fourth album. During their 23 year career Whole Lotta Led have also performed Led Zeppelin I, Led Zeppelin II and Houses Of The Holy in their entirety, and since then numerous bands have followed this format.

Whole Lotta Led were also the first tribute act to recreate some of Led Zeppelin’s legendary live shows when in 2001 they performed the ‘Bath Festival’ set, in 2003 they staged the ‘Earl’s Court’ tour, in 2005 they recreated Zep’s last shows in England with the ‘Knebworth’ set, performed the live CD ‘How The West Was Won’ in 2006 and finally in 2008 they completed the ‘2007 O2 Reunion Show’ tour.

Each member has ‘paid their dues’ in numerous bands of many different styles throughout the years and have played and recorded with many well-known names in the music business, together they currently perform some of the greatest rock music ever written with a passion and enthusiasm that is second to none.

The band have also been active in raising funds for The ABC Trust, a charity founded by Jimmy Page’s ex-wife to help under privileged children in Brazil, the involvement with the charity eventually led to a meeting with Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page who has given the band his blessing and wished them all the best


Whole Lotta Led – Setting The Standard