Formed in 2014 as an off-shoot of Whole Lotta Led, the UK’s leading Led Zeppelin tribute band, Light Zeppelin perform acoustic versions of Led Zeppelin’s amazing songs.
Obviously the band perform Led Zeppelin’s beautiful acoustic numbers but they also play stunning versions of the Zep classics, including Black Dog, Kashmir and of course the hugely popular Stairway To Heaven.
Light Zeppelin are: Lee Pryor (vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica), Geoff Hunt (acoustic bass and mandolin) and Nick Ferris (acoustic guitar).

Light Zeppelin Shows

No shows booked at the moment due to the coronavirus.

If you are interested in booking Light Zeppelin please e-mail us at:

“I saw you guys last night at the Bull’s Head in Barnes as LIGHT ZEPPELIN. Outstanding! Gutsy, passionate vocals and some amazing dexterity on guitar; I’d never have thought some of those licks and solos could be transposed to acoustic. Listening to the gig in this format also made me really appreciate the sheer inventiveness and creativity of Jimmy Page as a composer. My lady-friend and I had a great time. We’ll try and get to Highbury in January. Nice one, guys.”

Tim Beckerley

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Nikki Lamborn of ‘Never The Bride’ guesting on ‘Stairway To Heaven’ at Bull’s Head, Barnes 23.11.15


Light Zeppelin on the Shire Stage at Lechlade Festival 25.5.15 © Nick Ferris

Here are a couple of brief video clips of Light Zeppelin

Rock And Roll

Stairway To Heaven

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