Lee Pryor – Vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar

Lee made his live singing debut at about 7 years old while entering a talent competition in Great Yarmouth, learning songs, and how to harmonise, by singing with his Mum whilst they carried out the daily routine of cleaning the rooms in the family guesthouse.

Singing live has always been a passion and at school he sang in the choir and (after his voice broke) singing classics in the choral society. Later, when on the hippie trail in Africa and India, it was more about songs around the camp fire and on returning to the UK, the folk clubs.

Lee has the power and range to emulate the early vocal style of Robert Plant. He lists some of his favourite Zeppelin numbers as ‘Good Times, Bad Times’ ‘Since I’ve Been Lovin You‘ and ‘Your Time is Gonna Come’.

Recently described as having one of the best rock voices on the south coast, Lee can hit the notes that many tribute vocalists tend to avoid.

Lee lived in Switzerland in the 70’s, working for a while with ‘Queen’, touring and singing with the legendary Alexis Korner and assisting in the studio with Roxy Music’s ‘A Bride Stripped Bare’ album and was also part of the team for the “78 Montreux Jazz festival”.

More recently Lee was in the excellent Free tribute band ‘Freed’ and a south coast Led Zep tribute, ‘The Amazing Brothers Zeppelinos’. He also plays solo ‘acoustic rock’ gigs (when time permits) around the Sussex area.

A natural stage presence, and a great advocate of keeping music ‘live’ his performances with the rest of Whole Lotta Led will transport you back to the time when Zep was THE music to be listening to.


Shure SM58 Beta Microphone
Guild F47 acoustic guitar
Ovation Adamas (Melissa Ethridge model) 12 string acoustic guitar
Roland Chorus AC60 acoustic amplifier
Digitech Vocalist Live 2 effects pedal
Hohner and Lee Oscar harmonicas