James Heaney – Keyboards

James first started playing keys when he was 7, after he first saw the Genesis ‘We Can’t Dance’ tour on VHS. He played his first gig at the tender age of 12, and he’s been gigging pretty much ever since.  Throughout his teenage years, James was never listening to new music (the late 90’s wasn’t a vintage era!) but instead spent the money from his paper round on CD’s by The Beatles, Dire Straits, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Status Quo etc.

As the former resident Piano Man in Sub Tone he developed his unique style of playing, which he owes to being “a guitarist in the body of a pianist”.

James has been involved in a variety of projects including playing in numerous cover bands doing everything from Beatles to Wings, ‘The Album Project’, MD for a choir and has even written jingles for Ecuadorean radio.


Korg Kronos
JTS IEM System
Shure In-ear Monitors
Roland PK-6

Joe Orban – Keyboards

Joe is an experienced multi-instrumentalist with a varied musical background, but a passion for classic rock and loves to recreate the vital textures and colours that John Paul Jones keyboards add to the Led Zeppelin sound.A classical pianist and theatre organist from an early age, things changed direction in his teens once the likes of Sabbath, Purple, Floyd and of course Zeppelin started creeping into his ears.

Recent years have seen him touring and performing all over the UK and Europe with some of the countries finest bands and tribute acts including Deeper Purple, Lioness, Pink Floydian, Cold Flame, Ska Face and Elektrik Dreams to name just a few.


Roland, Hammond, Akai, Behringer, Native Instruments, Arturia, Dell, DB Technologies.