Geoff Hunt – Bass guitar and mandolin

GHC_bio_6514 Geoff can always remember being around music when growing up, his parents had many records and even a few 78’s (look it up kids). He was also influenced by his two older sisters who were big Beatle fans.

At the age of seven he was taken by his sisters to see the Beatles film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, that moment was a defining one as after seeing the film and hearing those incredible songs he always wanted to be a musician.In his last year at junior school Geoff was able to start taking guitar lessons, although his teacher only taught classical guitar it provided him with some basic knowledge which on leaving school he built on by teaching himself via music books and also playing along with his favourite songs.

It was Geoff’s sister, Jean, who is responsible for introducing him to Led Zeppelin, she bought their second LP and the moment Geoff heard ‘Heartbreaker’ he was hooked. He saved his pocket money until he could afford to buy Led Zeppelin I soon followed by Led Zeppelin III. Then came the long wait for the release of Led Zeppelin IV. It was a happy accident that Geoff eventually ended up playing the music which had been such an influence on him all those years ago.Originally a guitarist, Geoff switched to bass in the late seventies after joining a band with one Nick Ferris on guitar. After hearing Nick play Geoff knew he would be better off playing bass and now can’t imagine playing anything else.

Geoff took up the mandolin purely to perform Zep’s beautiful acoustic numbers on stage, also self taught he is always amazed and delighted that the reaction to these songs when performed live.


In 2017 Geoff got rid of his Ampeg amp and cab and started using in-ear monitors
Fender Precision bass guitar
Fender Jazz bass guitar
Fender Stratocaster guitar
Yamaha DX21 keyboard
Acoustic Company electric mandolin
Sonata electric mandolin (spare)
Simon & Patrick 6 string acoustic
Elysian theramin
JTS in-ear monitors