Martin Weetman – Keyboards

MW130315C_bio_0203 Martin started playing Hammond Organ at the age of 12, taking up guitar at 13.
He formed his first rock band at 15, and started gigging straight away (continuing till today).
Whilst studying at college, he wrote music for 2 sci-fi films, both of which won awards on BBC Television.
After studying electronics at university, he realized that he could combine electronics and music in his day job, so became principal design engineer at Simmons Drums, working with many bands including Genesis, Pink Floyd,

Def Leppard, and Frank Zappa (to name a few), whilst being one of the lead designers for many of Simmons flagship products such as SDX, Silicon Mallet, MTX9, SDE, Portakit, SDS2000 & Trixer.
After Simmons he still found time to work on musical projects, and concieved Fostex’s ‘Mixtab’ and DCM100 products, as well as designing several of the instruments he plays live on stage and in the studio, faithfully recreating the sounds of the Hammond B3 and other instruments on his stage computer.
As a huge fan of classic rock, he was delighted to be contacted by Nick and to audition for WholeLottaLed, (and even more pleased to get the gig), bringing the authentic sounds of Hammond/Leslie, Fender Rhodes, Mellotron and Clavinet to the band.
Although he never witnessed Led Zeppelin live (despite having obtained tickets for one of their 1975 Earls Court shows) he was once sat next to Robert Plant at a Frank Zappa gig!


Ensoniq TS-10 Keyboard
Leslie 310
HP250 Personal Computer running Cubase with:-
Martin’s Virtual Hammond VST model,
Korg M1 VST model,
Korg Wavestation VST model,
Korg MonoPoly VST model,
Korg PolySix VST model,
M-Tron Mellotron VST model
Elektrik Piano VST model

Behringer FCB1010 Foot Controller
Fostex Mixtab MIDI Controller
Martin’s MIDI Foot pedal Controller